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What is FishDhaka.com?

FishDhaka.com is a fresh/live river fish specialist based in Dhaka and our concern is to create a new concept in providing customers the freshest and highest quality live river fishes directly from our several stores also through our online platform. In the midst of increasing incidents of the seizure of formalin, toxic-chemical mixed fishes, FishDhaka.com has strengthened its efforts to promote, to set up stores selling fishes safe for consumption.

Nowadays, people are going after chemical free natural products. They are ready to buy such products from any center, which can guarantee their safety and health & environment. With us, with a wide variety of alive river fishes- our customers will able to taste a wide range of fishes at an affordable price. FishDhaka.com specially offers over 25 species of fresh/alive river fishes including- Koral (কোরাল), Roi (রুই,) Carp (কাতলা), Trout (মৃগেল), Sheat (বোয়াল), Shrimp (চিংড়ি,) Pangasius (পাঙ্গাশ), Tengara (ট্যাংরা), Mullet (পাবদা), Koi (কৈ), Catfish (শিং মাছ), Chital (চিতল), Glassy (আইর ) etc.as the ultimate treat for our customers.

At FishDhaka.com, we cover all aspects of river fishes around the country. We take great pride in bringing river-fish-lovers, the safe, notorious and sustainable live river fishes which set the standard for quality and taste around the country.

Our Mission

To provide nutritional high quality river fish, thus meeting consumer health needs, with existing & new markets through widening our distribution networks.

Our Vision

To be recognized by the customer as the number one (1) supplier of the quality fresh river fishes in the country.

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I ordered Boal & Magur Fish. The taste was very fresh & tasty. Delivery process is so fast. I'm impressed for onion leaves as gift. Thank you so much for your good service.
Riva Khan

Why living fish is better to eat?

Fish is a very healthy food. It is always better to eat fresh fish. In the most cases, while you are buying living fishes, there is less chances of using toxic-chemicals, Formalin and other contamination. Fresh fishes are always tastes great, contain necessary nutrition intact also easy to digest. Frozen /rotten fishes do not provide the same vitamin and nutrients when it comes right from the living fishes. However, fresh river fishes are including;